benefits Of chota Datura -Siberian Cocklebur

According to many research, Chhota Dhatura (Siberian cocluber) contains many chemicals. It contains chemicals called Atractyloside and carboxyatractyloside, which can be toxic. In addition, it has the properties of anti-arthritis, antibacterial, anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, anti-inflammatory, liver and immune system. Consult your doctor to know how Chota Dhatura (Siberian Kakalbar) works.

  • Chota Dhatura has many different names like Canada Cocklebur, Cang Er Cao, Cangoerzi, Cangoerzi, Dichbur, Fructus Xanthii, Noogoora-Bur and Rough Cocklebur are known.

We have all known this plant since our childhood. It cannot be lost when the seeds are ripe. The fruits are covered with numerous hooks and the children have fun throwing them at people and sticking them to their woolen clothes. The plant is supposed to have originated in Central America, but is widely naturalized throughout the world, likely due to its ingenious technique for transporting its seeds into animal skins. The plant has large, wide, light green, glossy leaves in an alternate pattern with irregular lobes and relatively inconspicuous teeth. The stems turn brown to black as they mature, with an elliptical or egg-shaped cluster of fruit that grows nestled around the stem. Common Cocklebur is an annual herb with a short, sturdy, hairy stem. The flower heads occur in clusters in the leaf axils or at the end of the branches. The flowers are white or green, numerous, masculine at the top, female ovoids, covered with hooked bristles. The fruit is obovoid, enclosed in the hardened involucre, with 2 beaks and hooked bristles. Flowering: August-September.

Health Benefits of Dhatura

There are many health benefits of Siberian Cocklebur chota Datura. Dhatura root, fruits, flowers and leaves etc. all have medicinal properties hidden in them.

joint pain

If you have joint pain, its leaves can be quite beneficial. It is placed in the category of poisons in Ayurveda texts. Everything from Dhatura is used in Ayurveda.

Deer disease

Even it is used in today’s medicines. If the roots are smelled, the dementia becomes peaceful. Let us now see the medicinal properties of Dhatura by looking at the following slides.

Get away with lice

If you have lice in your head, take out the juice of two and a half grams of Dhatura leaves in half a liter of mustard oil and cook on low flame. When only the oil remains, fill it in the bottle and apply it regularly on the head.

Comfortable in pain

Make a paste by grinding Datura leaves, flowers and seeds and apply it on the painful area. You will get relief by doing so. Cook this paste in mustard or sesame oil and then apply it.

Boil its leaves in water and wash your head with that water does not cause lice.

-Sixing the pain and swelling in this place provides relief.

Take this whole plant and cook it in mustard oil and massage the joints with that oil to reduce joint pain.

chota Datura – Siberian Cocklebur leaves benefits

  • It is consumed when there is chronic bronchitis. Actually, bronchitis is a respiratory problem. In this disease, bronchial tubes become inflamed due to infection. People with bronchitis often have thick mucus in their phlegm.
  • It can be consumed when the common is cold. Common cold infection is a problem. In which microorganisms negatively affect the upper part of the respiratory tract. Its symptoms aggravate after two days. Actually when it is due to contact with microorganisms that cause infection.
  • It can be taken in case of constipation. However, if constipation problem is not cured despite taking home remedies, then the risk of other disease starts. Therefore, if the problem of constipation is not cured within a few days, a doctor should be contacted.
  • Often people are in a state of confusion about food and drink when they have diabetes, but, small dust can be used to control sugar level. It is very important to keep blood sugar level control because not staying in its level can increase the risk of many diseases.
  • Patients with tuberculosis can also take it. TB is actually caused by bacterial infection. This bacteria attacks the body tissue of humans and destroys them. The disease is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which can spread from one person to another via air. Tuberculosis bacteria attack them rapidly, whose immune system is weak. Its risk may be higher in those who have suffered from diseases like HIV or cancer. TB disease mostly occurs in the lungs. However, it can have negative effects on bones, lymph glands, intestines, heart, brain as well as other organs.

chota Datura – Siberian Cocklebur Precautions and warnings

Seek advice from a doctor or herbalist before using Sibirian blackberry in the following circumstances:

  • If you are pregnant or breast feeding. In both the cases, the medicine should be taken only on the advice of the doctor.
  • If you are taking other medicines. This includes prescription and non-prescription medicines, which are available in the market for purchase without prescription.
  • If you are allergic to any substance or other medicine or medicine.
  • If you have a disease, disorder or any other medical condition.
  • If you are allergic to food, dye, preservatives or other types of animals.
  • People who are anemic, avoid it.
  • Regulatory rules regarding medicines are not more strict than other medicines. Additional studies are needed to assess their safety. Its dangers must be compared to its benefits before using a small datura. For more information, consult your herbalist or doctor.

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