Benefits of Eka pada pranam asana – one-legged prayer pose

Benefits of Eka pada pranam asana – one-legged prayer pose The posture is a combination of pranamasana (prayer pose) and vrikshasana (tree pose).

Eka pada pranam asana
  • Eka pada pranamasana is an intermediate balancing pose. The name comes from the sanskrit language “Eka” means one ,”Pada” means foot, “Pranam” means prayer and “asana “means posture or pose.
  • The posture is a combination of pranamasana (prayer pose) and vrikshasana (tree pose).
  • Eka pada pranamasana means one-legged prayer pose or one-legged salutation pose in English.

How to do Eka pada pranam asana (one-legged prayer pose)

1.Stand with your feets together in Tadasana . Focus the gaze on one point at eye level.
2.Now slowly bend your right knee and place the sole of the foot to the root of the left thigh.
3.Now place your hands in front of the chest in pranam asana .

  1. Hold the asana for a short duration maintaining balance .
    5.Now release the right leg and lower it on the floor .
    The same practice can be done with the other leg.

Breathing – one-legged prayer pose

Inhale standing on one foot with eyes gazing in front at a point to remain focused. Breathe normally in the final position. And with a exhale come back to initial position.

Precautions – one-legged prayer pose

Strong leg muscles and a good sense of balance is needed to practice this asana. Only healthy people should attempt vrikshasana.
People with high blood pressure, heart problems ,hernia ,vertigo, slipped disc ,sciatica, weak back ,hips ,knees and ankles should not attempt this practice.Pregnant womens should avoid this asana.

Benefits of Eka pada pranam asana (one-legged prayer pose)

  1. one-legged prayer pose strengthens the leg muscles ,knee joints and the abdominal region.
  2. It reduces hyper activity of the kidneys and diuresis.It develops the ability to retain seminal fluid for the maintenance of brahmacharya.
  3. one-legged prayer pose helps one to achieve balance in other aspects of life .
  4. Eka pada pranam asana strengthens and tones the entire standing leg, up to the buttocks .
  5. Eka pada pranam asana helps in improving balance, posture and leg strength, eka pada pranamasana improves focus and awareness, without which the wandering mind results in a loss of balance.
  6. This asana helps in promoting self-confidence and willpower.
  7. It calms the mind, and develops mental and spiritual balance.

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