Best Yoga Pose for Common Pregnancy Issues

Yoga for Pregnancy

Try these relaxing poses that relieve stress and other pregnancy related problems to help you get through without problems for the next nine months.

Bound Angle Yoga Pose For Pregnancy:

Bound Angle Pose

Bound Angle Pose, one of the best hip openers, counteracts the hips creaked by the chair and cardio.

Lotus Yoga Pose For Pregnancy :

Benefits of the Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

The Second yoga pose, Padmasana or Lotus Pose requires open hips and constant practice.

Supported Fish Yoga Pose For Pregnancy

Matsyasana - The Fish Pose

Prepare for a serious “This” moment. “You don’t want to do big push-ups,” says Kristoffer, “because you don’t need to stretch your abdomen anymore.” But small push-ups, like this one, should feel good. Keeping your legs bent means that this movement works as a relaxing hip opener

Cat-Cow Yoga Pose For Pregnancy :

As with the forward bend sitting, anything that takes away your belly pressure will feel great. Kristoffer says don’t worry about pushing too much on a deep back curve in this variation, just focus on moving easily with your breath.

Legs-up-the-Wall Yoga Pose For Pregnancy


There comes a point in pregnancy where it will no longer feel good to lie on your back, says Kristoffer. At that point, use a pillow or pillows to be at an angle instead of back for this pose

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Yoga Pose For Pregnancy
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