May 9, 2021

Yoga in Rishikesh

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Arogya Yoga School

Good health is the greatest blessing

आरोग्यं परमं भाग्यं स्वास्थ्यं सर्वार्थसाधनम्॥

Good health is the greatest blessing. Health is means of everything.


AHAM AROGRAM, I am free from disease
AHAM ANANDAM, I am blissful
AHAM MADHURAM, I am the honey sweetness of life
AHAM PURNAM, I am perfection
AHAM MRITYUNJAI, I am free from death and fearless of change
AHAM SWATANTRA, I am self-effulgent, independent
AHAM AHINSA, I am non-violence.

Arogya is a Sanskrit word which means the perfect health. Health is prerequisite for all ventures in life. Our school is being founded with a strong conviction to share the traditional experience of yoga. We are in technological era where everything is automatic. But our happiness is not self-automatic. The subject like yoga gives us tool to explore one’s full potential. In our school we give more importance to remain a student of yoga throughout our life. Only a good student has the possibility of becoming a good teacher.

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