Health Benefits of Shatkarmas – purification Techniques in Yoga

Health Benefits of Shatkarmas

Shatkarma – The Six purification Techniques in Yoga

The word shatkarma comes from the sanskrit language. ‘Shat’ means six and ‘Karma’ means action. called Shat Karma Kriyas or Shat Karmas: Neti, Dhauti, Nauli, Basti and Shanka Prakshalana, Kapala Bhati Pranayama, Trataka

The aim of performing these actions is to create harmony between the two major pranic flows, Ida and Pingala thereby attaining physical and mental purification and balance. These practices are also used before pranayama and other higher yoga practices in order to purify the body’s toxins. Shatkarmas are performed to promote the health of yogis and to awaken, direct the energies in the body, mind, and deeper psyche. These practices should never be learned from books or taught by inexperienced people. It is essential to be personally instructed as to how and when to perform the Shatkarmas.

The six Shatkarmas Techniques and Benefits of Shatkarmas Techniques

Neti :

A process to cleanse and purify the nasal passage. Practices included in this category are ‘Jal neti and ‘sutra neti’.

Benefits of Shatkarmas Neti :

Jala neti removes mucus and pollution from the nasal passages and sinuses. It helps to maintain good health of the ears, eyes, and throat. It alleviates anxiety, anger, and depression.

  • Clean nostrils to allow good breathing.
  • helps to maintain good health
  • Reduce anger and depression.
  • Remove the excess mucous.
  • Reduce pollen or allergens in nasal passages.
  • Relieve nasal dryness.
  • Reduce cold and flu symptoms.
  • Alleviate sinus headaches.
  • Improve sense of smell and taste.
  • Reduce snoring.
  • Elimination of harmful bacteria

Dhauti :

The dhauti techniques in this section clean the entire alimentary canal from mouth to the anus. 

Benefits of Dhauti :

This practice removes stale gas and stimulates the digestive system.

Nauli :

A method of massaging and strengthening the abdominal organs. 

Benefits of Nauli :

Nauli helps to balance the adrenal component of the endocrine system. It helps to increase mental clarity and the power of harmonizing the energy flows in the body.

Basti : 

The word Basti is a general term pertaining to the lower abdomen, belly, pelvis, and bladder. Basti is a method for washing and toning the Large Intestine.

Benefits of Basti:

It removes the old stool and gas expelled. It is also used to cool down the abdominal heat produced by their practices.

Kapalbhati :

The word ‘Kapal’ means forehead or frontal brain and ‘Bhati’ means light. A breathing technique for purification of the frontal region of the brain. 

Benefits of Kapalbhati:

It alleviates anxiety, anger, and depression. It helps in cleansing the frontal part of the brain.

Trataka :

The word tratak means ‘to look’ or ‘to gaze’. Trataka is the practice of intense gazing at a point or object which develops the power of concentration. 

Benefits Of Trataka :

Helps in concentration, makes the eyes clear and bright. It improves memory and helps to develop strong willpower.

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