Health Benefits Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations

Best time to do Sun Salutation: It is a good idea to do Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) early morning at sunrise, on an empty stomach.

Health Benefits Sun Salutations

  1. Weight Loss: Sun salutation is the effective tool to shed extra calories. It is helpful to reduce tummy fat and good for flat stomach. All the yoga poses of this module facilitates adequate stretching, twisting and compressing of the entire body thus proves useful for weight loss regime. This is wonderful practice for those who are longing for weight loss thus has been the part of power yoga too.
  2. Improves digestion: This practice alternately stretched and compressed the body organs including the stomach. It imparts better massage to the digestive system and encourages to work efficiently. By regular practice of this module helps to remove and prevent many diseases and disorders of the alimentary canal. It stimulates peristalsis of the intestines and removes waste products from the body.
  3. Smooth kidney functions: The practice gently massages the kidneys, increases their supply of blood as well as speeds up the circulation of blood throughout the body. Regular practice of it encouraged the kidney to work efficiently, which also leads to filtration of blood through these organs.
  4. Good for heart: The practice increases the heart beat and the working of the whole circulatory system. It is good to remove waste products from the body and ensures efficient human heart function. All the cells and tissues of the body receive fresh oxygen and nutrients that leads to healthy and vitality of the body. It encourages the lymphatic system to work more prominently thus helps in combating germs, bacteria and illness.
  5. Improves lungs function: The practice of this module helps in optimum utilization of the lungs and the respiratory system. It appropriately expands and contracts the air sacs or alveoli of the lungs, prevents building up of germs and many diseases of the respiratory system. The lungs completely emptied from impure air and the brain gets fresh oxygen, which makes the person full of energy and vigor.
  6. Corrects hormonal imbalance: Surya Namaskar harmonizes the different endocrine glands thus helping to remove any irregularities of such glands, which further improve their blood flow.
  7. Tones the nerves and nervous system: It gently stretched, massaged and stimulated the nerves of the entire body. The better health of the nerves determines the efficient working of organs and muscles of the body system. Surya Namaskar tones up all these muscles and nerves and awakens the brain centres.
  8. Helps in muscles loosening: It invigorates all the muscles of the body and offer intense stretching to the whole body. The expansion and contraction of muscles helps in redirection of impure blood to the kidney and the lungs. This is the best module for loosening of muscles and removes stiffness from the body and considered as the best possible exercise who seeks healthy living.
  9.  strengthening the back and balancing the metabolism
  10. stimulating and balancing all the systems of the body, including the digestive system
  11. practised in a fast pace helps to burn fat and lose weight

General precautions Sun Salutations

  • the practice should be immediately discontinued if a fever, acute inflammation, boils or rashes occur due to excess toxins in the body. When the toxins have been eliminated, the practice may be resumed
  • it shouldnʼt be practiced by people with high blood pressure, coronary artery disorders, or by those who have had a stroke, as it may overstimulate or damage a week heart or blood vessel system
  • it should be avoided in case of hernia and intestinal tuberculosis
  • people with back conditions such as slipped disc and sciatica should consult a doctor before the practice
  • women should avoid it during the onset of menstruation, practice can be resumed towards the end of the period

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