Health Benefits Of Swarna prashan

Health Benefits Of Swarna prashan

Ayurvedic Immunity Booster for kids

Swarna prashan ayurvedic immunity booster for kids.

Swarna prashan (one of the 16 Samskar) Swarna prashana Is an ancient immunity booster for children.

Mentioned in Ayurveda Classics (Kashyap Samhita) It’s a Real immunization since Vedic period.

It’s an Ayurvedic technique to enhance immune system and improve the intelligence of child. Immunity (to fight against harmful bacteria which cause cold cough and fever) To prevent this we have to boost our child’s immunity and mental power by developing intelligence and developing the Brain health.

Swarna prashana is an Ayurvedic Nervine stimulant As brain grows rapidly from 1-16 yrs of life.

Swarna bhasma (purified Gold) accelerates the capacity and growth of brain.

Drugs used with Swarna bhasma-builts immunity of the children.

Hence, Swarna prashana should be done.

Swarna prashan Dosage:-

  • After Birth to 5yr- 1drop of Swarna with 1 drop ghrita.
  • 5-10yr-2 drop of Swarna and 2 drop of ghrita.
  • 10-16 yr-3 drops of each

Health Benefits Of Duration:-

Every day morning or on the day of Pushya nakshatra (empty stomach)

Swarna prashan Period:-

Daily dose of Swarna prashana should be given for minimum 1 month to maximum 3-6 month Or Monthly once (on pushya nakshatra) 30-90 months.
When to take – On an empty stomach in the morning. Do not have food after 30 minutes of consumption of Swarna Bindu./Prasanna

13 Health Benefits Of Swarna prashan:-

  • improves Memory of child
  • Digestive power, physical power
  • Improves child grasping power
  • Improves Verbal and cognitive function of brain. Helps to recover early in case of illness Good for Learning difficulties, Hyperactive children, Delayed milestone, Attention deficit.
  • Swarna prashana helps to improve the immunity power, develops resistance against recurrent infections, prevents children from falling ill very often. It can be considered as the natural immune booster in kids.
  • This potent immunization helps to build body (height and weight), increases physical strength and improves stamina for the body.
  • The medicines help to strengthen muscles and bones for kids.
  • It helps to nurture early developmental milestones.
  • Helps to reduces anxiety, aggressiveness, irritability and attention seeking behaviour
  • Tones up skin and imparts fairer complexion.
  • Protects children from illness that occur due to seasonal change.
  • Protects children from allergies.

Immunise your child with Ayurveda (golden drops of health), we recommend to choose ethics for your children.

Swarna prashan
Ayurvedic immunity booster for kids

By – Dr. Sonal Dhoundiyal

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