Insight into Vedanta

What is Vedanta? ‘Veda’ means ‘knowledge’, and ‘Anta’ means ‘the highest’. Vedanta, therefore, stands for the highest knowledge. There are many nuances of truth. ‘Someone is sitting there’, is true. ‘John is sitting there’,is also true. ‘John is sitting on the bench there’, is a greater truth. ‘ John is sitting on the bench and reading a book’ is still a greater truth.  Evidently, gradations in truth reveal the clarity of comprehension of something . That which is perfectly and absolutely clear is the highest truth.

Vedanta teaches us the highest truth and nothing short of it. The highest truth is about ourselves. Swami Vivekananda, the great yogi of India  has said ” We have a place for struggle in the Vedanta but not for fear. All fears will vanish when you begin to assert your own nature”.

The aim of the Vedanta is to know the nature of oneself.  This is the knowledge; the liberation.

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