Katichakrasana for Improving the Leg Muscles

Katichakrasana, which means the rotation of the waist, it is better for you if you want to lose unwanted fat waist and lower abdomen. In Katichakrasana, you will be twisting the waist left and right respectively, a regular fat burning practice that gives you a thin, flexible and supple waist. This posture relieves constipation, and is recommended for school children and people working in the office for a longer time for their positive effect on relieving fatigue, fatigue and stiffness in the neck and torso, Avoid Katichakrasana during pregnancy or has any problems such As a hernia, disc slippage, spinal injury, cervical spondylitis. You should not do this asana if the cavity operation has gone through in the recent past, and people with high blood pressure should be careful during practice.

How to do Standing Spinal Twist (Katichakrasana)

  • Stand up together.
  • Breathing, stretching arms to the forehead, palms facing each other, parallel to the ground.
  • Control point: Are the palms between the shoulders?
  • Exhale and turn gently from the waist to the right and look back over your right shoulder. Keep your feet glued in place – this will give you the best spin!
  • Keep a constant distance between the palms. If you
  • Feel the stretch in the lower back?
  • Breathing, go back to the center.
  • Exhaling, turn left and repeat the yoga posture on the left side.
  • Breathing, go back to the center.
  • Repeat this approach with yoga several times on both sides, and then exhale, hands down.

Advantages of yoga in the spine (Katichakrasana)

Permanent dorsal twist yoga are very useful for maintaining a healthy spine. Some of the important benefits of Katichakrasana are as follows:

  • Burns fat Thalia: This is one of the poses of an effective way to burn fat in the waist of the yoga area. It is also good at burning fat from the lower abdomen. Thanks to the regular practice of this yoga, the waist becomes flexible and delicate.
  • Weight Loss: This yoga posture is good to give proper training in the lower abdomen, thus, helps in removing fat from this region.
  • Spine Health: It is good to improve the spinal flexibility and is effective for injuries and spine diseases. This helps the muscles contract and expand the neck, back and abdominal wall and gently massage the entire spine.
  • Relieves constipation: Exceeds problems with indigestion and constipation. Softens the bowels properly.
  • Prevents breathing problems: This is one of the powerful yoga to make the chest expand and ensure proper expansion of the lungs. This is good for dealing with problems such as asthma, cough, tuberculosis, etc. Torsion and squeezing help a person breathe for the better, so it’s good for an asthmatic condition.
  • Strengthens the weapon: strengthens shoulders, a neck, arms, backs and hips.
  • Boon for sedentary people: Because of its numerous advantages, it shows incredible for those who spend hours at maximum benefit.
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease Diseases: Helps relieve muscle rigidity that occurs due to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Frozen shoulder: Regular practice of this yoga helps release stiffness and stiffness in the shoulder region, so it is good to handle the frozen shoulder.
  • It improves digestion: it improves peristalsis and improves digestion. Practitioner Tadasana, Triyak Tadasana and Katie chakrasana are good to solve all the problems associated with the digestive system.
  • Management of Diabetes: Increasing the effectiveness of the pancreas and regulating the production of pancreatic juice, thus controlling diabetes.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the kidneys: The constriction and expansion of the muscles help to squeeze out unclean blood and replace it with fresh. It also provides a flow of adrenal hormones.
  • Fighting Depression: The continuing practice of this asana of Pranic energy, released, acts as a mood of the elevator.
  • The nervous system stimulates the nerves that cross the spine, which is good for the health of the nervous system.
  • Stimulate the chakra of the manipulators of the movements of the right hand and the right to ensure proper exercise in the lower abdomen and is affected by the manipulator.
  • Treatment of uterine problems: The regular practice of this Yogasana is good in treating uterine and tubal problems.
  • Strengthens the lumbar region
  • Strengthens the arms and muscles of the legs.


Do not practice Katichakrasana if you are pregnant.

People with hernia, disc slippage, spine trauma, cervical spondylitis and those who underwent abdominal surgery should avoid this asana lately.

If you have high blood pressure, be careful when doing Katichakrasana. This practice can cause dizziness and fainting in you.

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