Pranayama for high blood pressure

Moorchha Pranayama 

5 Pranayama for high blood pressure

people who have a problem of high blood pressure should do yoga asanas but with care.

Breathing Exercises For High blood pressure

  • Anulom Antonym– Anulom Vilom Pranayama is simple yoga and people of any age can do it. Improves the action of breathing. This pranayama should be done in quiet places, for example rivers, gardens or open fields to get the most oxygen.

Anulom vilom is Also called Alternative Nasal Breathing. This pranayama is a very important yoga asana that is very beneficial for the body. it is good for the body. If you want, you can do Reverse Anulom 3-4 times a day.

  • Bhramari Pranayama – Performing this Yoga Asana calms the nerves and destroys anger. Sit Comfortable Suk asana, Padmasana Tack little breath inside. Close your ears with the index finger. Now take a long deep breath and while exhaling, let out a loud buzzing sound (as a bee comes). Keep your mind calm during this time. It was a full circle. Thus complete 5 to 10 cycles. You can press or release the finger again.
  • Sheetali Pranayama (Cooling Breath Hatha yoga)- In this Yoga Asan, take out the tongue and breathe through the nose. The word shitali means cooling in Sanskrit (which is soothing or cold). The purpose of sheetali breathing is to lower body temperature, which in turn calms the mind and reduces stress levels. According to the ancient saint, Yoga Guru, “a person becomes young and attractive by practicing this pranayama, since it removes excess heat accumulated in the system, reducing excess bile, correcting disorders of the spleen and acting on the fever”. You can do this yoga from 5 to 11 times or join Yoga Teacher Training Course With AYS
  • Pranayama- In this yoga Asana, you can breathe through your mouth by closing your nose with your tongue behind your teeth. removes excess heat accumulated in the system, reducing excess bile, correcting disorders of the spleen
  • Udgith Pranayama- In this yoga, you will get relief from high blood pressure as well as other diseases. Udgeeth Pranayama involves reverberations of primary sounds to resonate and awaken the mind to its immense inherent potential. The mind, awake and attentive to its potential, is capable of realizing it no matter what it focuses on. Therefore, it is imperative to focus solely on the specified consequence throughout the Pranayama pursuit. Udgeeth Pranayama is good for curing depression, insomnia, poor concentration and other problems related to the brain. Udgeeth Pranayama involves the chanting of AUM (OM) with each exhalation, lasting up to twenty seconds.

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