Realisation of Perfection

Om purnamadah, purnamidam, purnat purnamudachyate,

Purnasya, purnamadaya, purnamevavashishyate

Om shantih, shantih, shantih

This creation, having a form and full of many attributes is perfect because only a Perfect can be born out of the Perfect. If the perfect is taken out of the Perfect, what remains is also Perfect.

Om, Peace, Peace, Peace.

The world is like a beautiful picture gallery which has been well decorated with multiple colours and adornments in an orderly manner. What artist could have started this art? Who can tell? One scene is entirely different from the other. Each man’s form, size and characteristics are different from those of others. Who has established the harmony underlying this world of diversities, and the splendour of innumerable expressed and unexpressed forms? To whom does it all belong? How beautiful it all is! The delicate innocent faces of small children, the soft petals of flowers – what are all these? What is the power which gave them such a beauty? There must be some purpose behind all this. Someone seems to beckon from behind the thin curtain of charming nature.

These sky embracing mountain peaks, these long rows of wildflowers, this murmuring music of springs and brooks- for whom is this all? Who is the creator of woods and groves, caverns and valleys, and mountain ranges? The ripples of the Ganges murmur a name divine. How beautiful all these appear! What fortunate power arranges this conference of the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky? You call it “nature” and are satisfied.

Now on one side we find the green earth extending far, far away, and on the other long rows of thorny bushes. The transient pleasures and pains of world– to whom do they belong? The whole world is an expression of beauty. But deeper reflection transforms all this beauty into ugliness in a moment. These scenes never fail to lose their beauty with passing of time. What is today beautiful changes its shape inevitably. Examine the life of a flower; its petals inspire innumerable thoughts of beauty. Within a brief period the same flowers withers away. Alas! The condition of all living beings is exactly the same. In the world of nature, every river is ready to absorb other streams into it and the vast ocean is eager to gather all the rivers into its own fold.

The above mentioned Vedanta verses on peace advice that man must develop an insight to experience that  everything is perfect  and enjoy the life as it comes because everything in the universe is complementary to each other. In the nature there is, at least, equal justice for all. The sun shines for all: the moon throws its lustre for all and the air sustains the life of all.  In order to understand human life, it should be regarded as a flower which sprouts, blossoms, scatters its fragrance and eventually withers away with all its beauty and gracefulness and that is perfection.


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