Yoga Is Better Than The Gym

Yoga Is Better Than The Gym:

Weight loss, strong and flexible body, bright beautiful skin, calm mind, good health – whatever you may be looking for, yoga has it on offer. However, very often, yoga is only partially understood as being limited to asanas (yoga poses). As such, its benefits are only perceived at the level of the body and we do not realize the immense benefits that yoga offers when it unites the body, the mind and the breathing. When you are in harmony, the journey through life is calmer, happier and more fulfilling.

Yoga is more efficient.

Yoga relies on your own—your entire body—for strengthening. Gym classes use weights and other equipment. Through different asanas, your full body becomes toned and stronger by using your own entire body weight as ‘weights’. By using only weights or other equipment, muscles are isolated and have to be worked individually in order to benefit, which takes a whole lot more time.

During the Workout / Practice of Yoga

Working out at a gym is rewarding to me after the fact. I have to drag myself there, stare at the time continually as a change from backwards to forwards on the elliptical and try to zone out as much as possible watching mindless TV. (I tended to do these workouts in the evening so it was Seinfeld or Friends for the most part.) I find that after a little over 20 minutes of cardio I get more into what I’m doing and the endorphin’s start to flow. If I’m angry over something I become more relaxed and if I have a problem in my life I tend to see more angles and solutions to it. I become more empathetic of situations and others in my life as my workout intensifies. I find myself getting competitive with myself as I remain weird with numbers and trying to hit certain caloric or distance number combinations such as 420 calories or 6.66 miles.

It saves money

In fact, yoga doesn’t have to cost a penny. All you need to practice is you. You can wear any clothes that allow you to move, and you don’t even need a yoga mat: grass and carpet work just fine. If you want some inspiration, there are plenty of great, inexpensive yoga DVDs or free online videos.

Yoga help you lose weight

yoga changes your mind: It changes the way you approach life, your body, and eating. Yoga shows you how to appreciate your body for all of the amazing things that it can do for you and points you in the direction of wanting to fill your body with the best possible fuel rather than processed junk food. And changing your mind about your body and the foods you feed it will be a much more effective weight-loss tool than burning a bunch of calories in an aggressive kick-boxing class and then mindlessly plowing through equal or more calories later that day.

No injuries

In yoga, you learn to unite your body and mind. This allows you to move with ease and pay attention to how your body is feeling at all times, so you move in a way that feels good for you and not one that puts you in places your body doesn’t want to be. The result? An injury-free, strong, healthy, whole you.

Improve Heart Health

From pumping blood throughout the body to supplying tissues with important nutrients, the health of your heart is an essential component of overall health. Studies show that yoga may help improve heart health and reduce several risk factors for heart disease.

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Yoga Is Better Than Gym
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