relationships between body parts and yoga postures

relationships between body parts and yoga postures

Relationships Between Body Parts And The Intermediate Series Postures That Focus On Those Parts

Posture Theme Primary body parts Realtive Yoga Poustures
Twisting Spine Sacroiliac Joints

Pashasana(noose posture) Bharadvajasana

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Supta Urdhva Pada Vajrasana(reclining thunderbolt posture with one foot upward

Forward Bending Legs Spine

Krounchasana (heron posture)

Parighasana(iron cage posture)

Tittibhasana(insect posture)

Backbending Spine Sacroiliac Joints

Shalabhasana(locust posture)

Bhekasana(frog posture)

Dhanurasana(bow-shaped posture)

Parshva Dhanurasana(side bow posture)

Ushtrasana(camel posture)

Laghu Vajrasana(little thunderbolt posture)

Kapotasana(pigeon posture)

Supta Vajrasana(reclining thunderbolt posture)


Hip Joints

Sacroiliac Joints


Ekapada Shirshasana(one-leg-behind-the-head posture)

Dvipada Shirshasana(two-legs-behind-the-head posture)

Yoganidrasana (yogic sleep posture)

Arm Balancing* Shoulder Joints Spine

Pincha Mayurasana(feathers of the peacock posture)

Karandavasana(waterfowl posture)

Mayurasana(peacock posture)

Nakrasana(crocodile posture)



Yoga poses for hips include:

  • Beginners: Child’s pose, cobbler’s pose, eye of the needle pose, garland pose, happy baby pose, reclined goddess pose, seated wide-legged straddle, standing straddle forward bend, warrior II
  • Intermediate: Cow face pose, eagle pose, goddess pose, half moon pose, knee to ankle pose, pigeon pose
  • Advanced: Lotus pose, lizard pose, one-legged king pigeon pose, side lunge

Chest and Shoulders

  • Restorative heart opener, cat-cow stretch
  • sphinx pose
  • bridge pose
  • supine spinal twist
  • Cobra pose
  • warrior II
  • extended side angle pose
  • triangle pose
  • half moon pose
  • wild thing
  • upward facing dog
  • camel pose
  • bow pose
  • cow face pose


  • include reclined big toe pose
  • standing forward bend
  • standing wide-legged forward bend
  • downward facing dog
  • head to knee pose
  • seated forward bend
  • wide-legged forward fold
  • pyramid pose
  • triangle pose
  • half moon pose
  • standing split
  • side lunge
  • revolved triangle
  • revolved ardha chandrasana
  • sleeping Vishnu
  • standing big toe pose
  • heron pose
  • bird of paradise
  • full side plank
  • monkey pose.


  • Essential lower back stretches include pelvic tilts
  • cat-cow stretch
  • child’s pose
  • chair twist


Yoga poses for arm strength include:

  • Beginners: Downward facing dog, plank pose, supported side plank
  • Intermediate: Crow pose, four-limbed staff pose, side plank pose, upward facing dog
  • Advanced: Firefly pose, flying crow pose, handstand, side crow pose, wheel pose


Yoga poses for abs include:

  • Beginners: Cat-cow stretch, hands and knees balance, pelvic tilts, plank pose
  • Intermediate: Boat pose, crow pose, half moon pose, headstand, scale pose, side plank pose
  • Advanced: Firefly pose, forearm stand, handstand, side crow pose, warrior III


Yoga poses for leg strength include:

  • Beginners: Downward facing dog, extended side angle pose, mountain pose, pyramid pose, raised hands pose, standing forward bend, standing straddle forward bend, tree pose, triangle pose, warrior I, warrior II
  • Intermediate: Awkward chair, eagle pose, half moon pose, king dancer pose, reverse warrior, revolved triangle pose, warrior III
  • Advanced: Revolved half moon pose, wheel pose
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