Revolve Triangle Pose (Parivrtta Trikonasana)

Trikonasana -Triangle pose

This is a standing and balancing posture and also counter pose of
Trikonasan (Triangle pose).
(Revolve means twisted, Triangle means three angles, Asan means
Base Position: – Tadasan (Equal standing position)

How to get into the final pose – Triangle Pose : –

  • Stand in Tadasana with feet together, step your right leg back 4
    feet distance, turn the left foot in and right foot out, so right
    foot 90-degree angle and left foot 45/60-degree angle.
  • Right heel and back inner arch of the foot inline, press all four
    corners of the feet on mat. Maintain both legs active kneecap
  • Keeping the pelvis closed, push the right hip back and left hip
    forward, maintain the hips inline.
  • Spine straight, and inhale raise the left hand up towards celling
    and as you exhale bend forward from hips not from spine, now
    place your left palm outside of the right foot and right hand up
    toward celling.
  • Inhale lengthen the spine and as you exhale twist, turn the
    chest upward toward celling.
  • Gaze upward toward raised hand.
  • After holding the pose change the leg.

Triangle Pose Alignment: –

  • Feet open 4 feet distance.
  • Front foot 90-degree angle and back foot 45/60-degree angle
  • Front heel and back inner arch of the foot inline.
  • Legs active (kneecap up).
  • Pelvic closed
  • Spine straight and twist.
  • Chest open.
  • Hands active and away from each other.
  • Gaze upwards toward raised hand.

Triangle Pose Modification: –

  • Neck pain: – look front.
  • Lack of balance: – look down, wall support.
  • If its hard to reach the floor with hand: – use block under in the
    palm (which is outside of the front foot).
  • Knee pain: – micro bend the front knee (knee and second big
    toe inline).
  • If its hard to keeping the pelvic closed: – lift the back heel and
    take block under heel or back foot out toward edge of the mat.
  • If the back outside of the foot is lifting: – fold the mat under
    outside of the foot.
  • Ankle pain: – block under the front foot.

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