Sankatasana – Amazing health benefits of Sankatasana


Keeping the point of the leg below the knee on the floor. Warp the right leg around the left leg and then place both hands on the knees. This is called Sankatasana.

Sankatasana Meaning

Sankat Means difficulty, trouble or danger. Hazard Pose

for those not comfortable in vajrasana, it is difficult asana.

Sankatasana Contra-indications

Sankatasana is not recommended if suffering from knee of ankle problems, varicose veins, or Suring pregnancy.

Awareness of Sankatasana

Focusing the gaze on a definite point, keep the awareness fixed on maintenance of’ physical balance. J’he point 0f concentration, stimulated by the pressure Of thc heel, is mooladhara chakra.

1.Keep the upper body straight.
2.Gaze at a fixed point in front to keep balance.

Duration of Sankatasana

30 seconds To 3 Min on each side. Balance has great importance in the practice of both these types of asana. The person feels difficulty in the beginning of the practice of this asana. Do the practice of this asana in the supervision of yoga teacher.

Amazing Health Benefits of Sankatasana

  1. Strengthens the leg muscles.
  2. Makes the muscles strong, nerves healthy and active
  3. Increases the blood supply to and loosens the leg joints.
  4. Thicker thighs and calves are fine.
  5. The legs stop shivering.
  6. This asana is beneficial for those Stand working for long periods of time.
  7. Prevents back-pain, stones and hernia diseases.
  8. Beneficial in arthritis.
  9. This asana makes thc muscles strong, the nerves healthy and the joints of’ the legs supple.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Sankatasana position

  1. position 1

    Keeping the point of the leg below the knee on the floor

  2. position 2

    warp the right leg around the left leg

  3. position 3

    then place both hands on the knees. this is called Sankatasana.

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