Time is really a byproduct of desiring. The more you desire, the more time you need.

You can deal with this in two ways: one is to conceive of life after life, time not ending at all. This is one way, the Eastern way, to create more space for the desire. Another is the Western way: to be more conscious of time and to do many things in the allotted time period. There is one life: there is no possibility of further lives, this life is all, and so you have to do many things — many, many things. You have to accommodate so many desires in the allotted period. And this is why the West has become so conscious of time; in fact, time consciousness is one of the most common aspects of the Western mind.

But either way, whenever you desire, you create time. Time is a fourth dimension of space, it is a sort of space. Without time your desires cannot move, so any desire creates time and future; and then you can postpone the present moment, which is not really time but existence.

It is better to go deep into what is known to you, what is life to you. Go deep in it; whatever it may be, go deep in it. Do not be on the surface; go into it to its ultimate depth. And the moment you begin to go deep, fall deep; you come to a different dimension. It is not a going into the future; it is going deep into the present, into this very moment.

So whatever you are doing at the moment, go deep in it. The more deep you are in it, the nearer you will be to the unknown. And the unknown is not something opposite to the known; it is something hidden in the known. The known is just a screen.

So do not go into the future; do not seek. Just be here — and be. In seeking you spread yourself out, but in being you are intense, and that intensity, that total intensity in the moment, brings you to certain crystallization. In that total, intense moment, you are. That being, that happening of being, becomes the door; and you have found it without seeking; you can get it without even seeking. This non divided consciousness is meditation

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