Tratak – Yogic Cleansing Processes


This is concentrated gazing on a point, flame or object without blinking the eyes. It is a cleansing practice for both the eyes and the mind.

Tratak is a wonderful methodology that quietens the mind, enhances concentration, increases receptivity and unleashes the innate potential. It is a method that is also one of the yogic processes known as shatkarmas, detoxification techniques. Its regular practice can bring about immense benefits at all levels. In this video, revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa explains the technique of Tratak and is nuances in brief. Watch, practice and experience for yourself.

Tratak meditation is a higher level of trataka yoga. Here too you undoubtedly focus your attention on a certain point. By removing the things of the world from your body and mind, you focus only on that particular point. You try to concentrate your attention on that particular point by relaxing the muscles and nerves of your body and slowly try to go to the depth of this process. With tritaka meditation, you not only cure your eyes, but also keep the entire body away from diseases.

  • Bindu Tratak – Concentrated Gazing on Dot
  • Jyoti Tratak – Concentrated Gazing on Flame
  • Kapalbhati – Frontal Lobe Cleansing
  • Agnisar Dhouti – Fire Breath
  • Jal Neti – Nasal Cleansing with Water
  • Danda Neti – Nasal Cleansing with Tube
  • Vaman Dhouti – Stomach Cleansing
  • Danda Dhouti – Stomach Cleansing with Tube
  • Vastra Dhouti – Stomach Cleansing with Cloth
  • Lagoo Shankarprakshalan – Partial Cleanse
  • Poorna Shankarprakshalan – Master Cleanse

Method of Tratak kriya –

After doing the tritaka meditation continuously for three months, the seeker starts to experience its effects. In this sadhana, besides the reverence and patience of the worshiper, his purity is also necessary. To swell and cleanse the body
To practice trataka, you have to bind yourself to the rules for a few days. You can do this meditation by looking at any rising sun, candle, lamp, any instrument, wall or point on paper etc.

Keep these precautions in trataka Sadhana – During this sadhana, there should be peace around you. The best time for this practice is midnight or Brahma Muhurta i.e. between 3 to 5 in the morning. This accomplishment should be done at night or in some dark place. It should be done for 30 minutes at a certain time every day. The place should remain quiet secluded. Special care should be taken that there is no disturbance while doing meditation. Wear physical and clean clothes, sit on a pedestal. Like this

  • First of all, keep the head, neck and back straight and sit in meditation posture in a dark room and close your eyes.
  • The object to be focused should be placed at a height parallel to the eyes. You can use a flame lit with ghee in an earthen lamp as a source of light energy.
  • A burning candle or an earthen lamp should be placed at a distance of about one and a half yards or two and a half feet from the eyes at a height parallel to the eyes.
  • Now you open the closed eyes and keep watching the flame of the burning earthen lamp till the eyes become tired or tears come out. Now close your eyes and relax.
  • Repeat this action 3 or 4 times until the person is used to seeing for 10 or 15 minutes without blinking an eyelid.
    Keep in mind when you see Jyoti, the eyelid should not blink.

Benefits of Tratak

  • Tratak Kriya is beneficial for the eyes and it is also helpful in increasing your concentration.
  • Mental peace and fearlessness can be enjoyed by practicing it regularly.
  • Eye diseases go away with this. Along with it comes mental peace and bliss
  • It is useful in the treatment of eye disorders.
  • It is helpful in removing the eye sluggishness.
  • It develops spiritual powers and is beneficial in brain development.
  • It ignites the inner light.
  • It increases memory and concentration.
  • This practice causes alpha waves to rise, indicating the brain is in rest. In this state certain parts of the brain stop working and the brain processes stop, thus the brain gets the necessary rest.

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