What does it mean to teach children to live a successful life?

What does it mean to teach children to live a successful life?

We send your children to good schools so that they will become successful on the material level in life. On this level, success means that they earn enough to live comfortably. Yet, unfortunately, we do not train your children to be peaceful, calm, healthy and energetic, or to know their inner nature.

Thus, this deeper facet of life is missing. Children need an integrated education, rather than a one sided education that emphasizes only material success. In the modern society, something is missing somewhere; that is why none of us is truly healthy; we suffer from a variety of physical and emotional diseases.

After completion education in colleges and universities, one must complete real education, or else college degree cannot help very much. In the modern world, we need to answer an important question: how can we live in health, peace and serenity?

The soul is that which is beyond mind and personality; it is your essential nature. The soul does not need therapy or training, for it is always free. The soul does not need to cured or healed; it seeks only to be experienced and known. This knowledge brings great peace and joy.

The human personality always has limits and conflicts it needs to be improved and balanced. We have to train our mind like we train a child with love. Meditation is the only way to train your inner child with love.

Learn to establish a balance between the world within and the world around you, rather than learning to function only in the external world. A few minutes of meditation every day can help to become free from the external stresses that one experience. This will help in achieving deeper awareness of oneself, as well as to achieve success on material level.

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