Who is a Yogi?

Who is a Yogi?

Who is a Yogi?: This life stands between the two ends of birth and death. Our life, emerging from behind the curtain of the unknown, exhibits itself for some time to this manifest world and then makes its exit, merging with the known again. This life is like a manuscript which has lost its pages in the beginning and at the end. One who seeks to find these missing pages is called as yogi. Life is not confined to only what we see or know of it in the present. Who are we? From where have we come? Where have we to go? These are questions which press for an answer.

In the world of today, man stops at nothing in his striving to satisfy the wants of material existence. There is a mad rush of competition among individuals, families, societies and nations to beat others in furthering material comforts, man still restless and unhappy. He has been yearning for the achievement of happiness and extermination of pain since the beginning of creation.

A careful consideration of human life shows that there are three main tendencies in man’s nature. If there are in him diabolic and human tendencies, there also exists in man what we may call a divine disposition. It is obvious that every man has in himself the tendencies of jealousy, violence, cupidity, anger and greed simultaneously with human qualities of kindness, sympathy, love and generosity. We also witness in him the divine qualities of the thirst for knowledge and search for peace. Yogi strengthens the divine qualities in him so that he can have the experience of true self.

Between two end points, called birth and death, is a span we call life. Yogi utilises this small fraction of life to understand the totality of life. The totality of life is hidden behind the points we call birth and death. An infinitely large portion is hidden in the unknown and the unmanifested. Our real self is not confined to the manifested alone. Yogi takes the inward journey towards unmanifested.

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