Why You Need Yoga in Your Life


Why You Need Yoga in Your Life : Misery should go and bliss should come – this is the goal of all living beings. We are endlessly in search of bliss everywhere. Why are we in search of happiness and bliss? We are in search of bliss because that is our essential nature we are seeing only a faint shadow of that supreme bliss and hence this craving of bliss.

Secondly, suffering should go. There are three types of suffering according to the Samkhya philosophy: suffering from oneself, from natural forces, and from other beings. In spite of all our efforts we cannot   eliminate suffering. If we drive to out from one place, it comes to another. Suffering will never go because it is existential – it is one with existence. We must transcend this limited existence in order to overcome suffering. Limitation will go when we know the truth about ourselves. Truth alone can liberate us from existential suffering. The knowledge of the truth brings us true and lasting happiness.

Every truly rational and scientific individual should study yoga for his or her own benefit. What is the benefit? The benefit is to become free from all limitations, sorrows and suffering. Yoga is the highest view of reality, born of experience. Yoga is an experiential science. There are theories and theories about the universe like Big Bang for instance. All such theories are always challenged, and many tumble too. But yoga has remained untarnished since time immemorial because it is founded on experience

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