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There’s a lot we could have done better that’s for sure I honestly I got involved in your violence in 2012 before that I would definitely have called myself a disgruntled the alliance member now I call myself a grunted Alliance member because we’ve actually made some some strong positive changes.

let you know we didn’t have any oversight I feel with all of the honor System and you know when people make video games she grew so quickly so fast we didn’t have the technology on the way to kind of figure out how we can add Integrity Financial I think that’s one of the problems that you had trying to figure out how to add Integrity to the Prudential without stopping on the diversity because that’s another issue we have that one yoga School says we should do a poses like this another says there’s a difference of opinion on what yoga shooter shouldn’t be I also think some of his we’ve done well the last few years starting finally going from just being.

yoga Alliance and it really got rolling over the last three four years and now member benefits now in the last three years we’ve our insurance benefit is by far the cheapest insurance with the best coverage that’s available to the market and that’s because for a non-profit oral so proud that we haven’t increased our rates since we opened still $55 give me a yoga teacher register with us I think we can be doing so much more on in regards to advocacy work and save a work would love to see us use our power to mobilise more yoga teachers disadvantaged populations I think that’s something that he would love to eventually do this is an organisation run by Yogi’s with a board that is volunteer so people often think like oh yoga lines they just they’re just out there they want our money they just don’t do anything for us all

I know I had that reception before but it’s actually an organisation owned by its members so what we’re finally doing now that I think is really great is where I was listening to our members like I’m here at this events in Seattle talking to members we’re giving out free head shots is just a gift any yoga teacher remember not and we’re trying to find out what a community wants from us I think that’s something we also could have done better for the last 10 years we should do it it’s been in floor at times for sure and so you know we’re not we’re we’re here to move forward and we are we are welcoming the the feedback the constructive feedback and we know that he’ll frankly we have a we have a lot better work to do in the future

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