Yoga Mudra Asana (psychic union pose)

Health Benefits of Yoga Mudra

Yoga Mudra Asana is one of the best anti-aging asanas that you can practice feeling and stay young for a long time. The mudras help to awaken the Kundalini energy or the inner self.

How to do Yoga Mudra Asana

  • How to do Yoga Mudra Asana
  • First, sit down in padmasana along with your eyes closed.
  • You may relax your body for a long time in addition to keeping your breath normal.
  • Catch your wrist behind the rear with the opposite hand slowly and inhale deeply.
  • Bend forward exhaling, and keep your spine straight.
  • Lie down your forehead near the ground or depends on you the way much you’ll line with your comfortability. Within the closing position, you want to relax all of your body breathing slow and deeply.
  • Don’t forget to remember regarding the pressure of your heels on the abdomen.
  • Stay as long in this position as you are comfortable. don’t strain your back, ankles, knees, or thighs by forcing the body into the posture.
  • Slowly and steadily now you may return to the starting position.
  • Perform repeating the pose crossing your legs another way around.


In the starting position breathe slowly and deeply. Exhale while bending forward. Also, keep your breath slow and deep in the final position. Inhale while returning to the starting pose.

Yoga Mudra Asana Duration

You must try to remain for one or two minutes in the final position. If you find it difficult to stay in the final position, Repeat the asana several times.

Awareness of Yoga Mudra Asana

Bring your awareness to the back, breathing, and on your abdominal region. SPIRITUAL- On the Manipura chakra. 

Sequence of Yoga Mudra Asana (psychic union pose)

Followed by backward bending asanas such as Asmatsyasana in which the legs are stretched out, and Ushtrasana or Bhujangasana also known as cobra pose. 


Those who suffer from serious eye infections or any kind of visionary disease, along with heart or back conditions should not try to attempt it. Keeping in mind also people who are in the early pregnancy and post-delivery period should also avoid doing this asana. 


This asana is tremendously helpful for massaging the abdominal organs. It works in the removal of various ailments connected to the part of the body, including constipation and indigestion. It stretches the spine, tones the spinal nerves which emerge from the spaces between the vertebrae, contributing to awesome general health.
The awakening of Manipura chakra is achieved through practicing this asana. 


(for beginners)This variation is similar to the basic technique expect there are some changes in the final position. 
First, Both your hands and gently place them on the lap on top of the upturned heels with your wrists facing upwards. Your fists should be held in contact with the soft part of your abdomen, just below the ribs. You may continue this as for the basic practice.


This particular variation provides a strong compression of the abdomen although your back may not be required to be stretched as much as in the rest of the variations. It is advantageous for wind, constipation, and other abdominal ailments.

You can perform Yogamudrasana by following the steps given below:

  • STARTING POSITION: Sit down in Padmasana, placing your both arms behind the back. Hold your right wrist with the palm of your left hand. Hunch forward exhaling slowly and bring your forehead or chin towards the floor. In the final position gently inhale and exhale and stay. Try to maintain this position for at least 5-10 seconds. Tray to maintain this position at least 5 to 10 Second
  • RELEASING POSITION: Raise your body up, release your hands, and slowly inhale coming back to the starting position.
  • The following points will be helpful if you keep them on your mind while practicing this asana:


  • DO’S: Keep your back erect while you bend. Slowly and comfortably try to bend as much as possible. Look how far you can go. 


  • Do does not strain the body. Try not to jerk your body.


  • This asana helps in stretching the spine and improving flexibility. Good for digestion. Concentration can be more intense and it’s a good exercise for your brain. Helps you tone your spinal nerves.
  • LIMITATION: You must remember if you are a patient who has a major heart or back problem please do not practice this asana.

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