Yoga poses to improve digestive system – Yoga poses for digestion

Yoga Poses For Digestion


The digestive system is a set of organs whose timely and optimal functioning directly affects the mechanism of your whole body. Often, many of us suffer from abrupt alterations in the effective operation of the digestive system, which may lead to indigestion. An unhealthy digestive tract is a common problem which is habitually overlooked. Besides causing inconvenience, indigestion may lead to further complications in your body due to the ineffective diffusion of toxins from your system. If you are stressed under work pressure, have unhealthy and badly timed eating practices, and lead an unwholesome lifestyle, you are bound to suffer from digestive problems. Of course, you might choose the high road and consume a lot of medications and laxatives as a mode of instant gratification. However, these medications are insanely addictive and often bring more harm than good.

With your busy lifestyle, it is understandably difficult to keep a balanced routine to keep a check on your health and diet, but there are definitely many ways to make it happen. Apart from healthy meals and a regular exercise regimen, Yoga is the best option to improve the condition of your digestive system plus several positive effects on your entire body. Yoga postures involve regulated breathing and dynamic usage of your muscles which result in abundant circulation of oxygen into the digestive system, thus activating your intestinal muscles and facilitating normalized disposal of bodily toxins.

Here is a list of Yoga Poses you can practice to optimize your digestive system.


Despite being separate poses, the Cat & Cow are often practiced together as they complement each other so well. Alternating between Cat and Cow stretches will lengthen and compress your intestines and midriff. These poses will lengthen your hips, abdomen and back. Practicing it on these poses on a regular basis not only increases coordination of your digestive system, but also massages and stimulates organs like your kidneys and adrenal glands. This will help soothe your stomach aches and actively reduce digestive ailments.

Navasana The Boat Pose


This is a pose that involves balancing on the tailbone with your legs and arms up in the air. Most of you will have to depend on your abdominal muscles for support to achieve this posture. It stimulates alignment in the body while balancing, as it simultaneously strengthens your core. This pose not only effectively strengthens the abdominal muscles, but it is also a pose that positively influences your digestive functions. With intensive and consistent practice, Navasana is bound to enhance your kidney function, intestinal function, and even the functioning of your prostate and thyroid glands. The Boat Pose is certainly a go-to if you find yourself down with problems in your digestive tract.


As it involves maximum opening of muscles, this pose is great for expanding the front of your body. Easing your torso back will stretch it, thus bringing length to that area. The overall stretching of your trunk will result in the thwarting of digestive issues such as uneasy toxic elimination, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and irregular digestion.


This pose, like any of the other twists in general, is extremely helpful for improving your digestion. It has the marvelous ability to cleanse your digestive system. As you twist, you are reducing blood flow to the organs in your digestive system, and when you release, you are permitting fresh blood into the digestive organs. You can also think of twists as having the same effect on your digestive system as twisting a cloth – you will be wringing out the toxins. Practice this pose consistently and you will find your indigestion vanish in a few weeks.


Apart from being an amazing stretching and lengthening posture for your back, adding a little prop to it makes this a great digestion inducing posture. By placing a bolster or pillow on your thighs, and allowing your belly to rest upon it when you fold forward, you will be creating space for a digestive massage of sorts to take place. Upon fully inhaling, the bolster or pillow will resist against your belly, causing a compression. Then, upon fully exhaling, you release the compression, creating new flow into the area. Applied focus on your breathing and systematic practice will ease your digestive system, thus alleviating indigestion.


This pose is ideal if you struggle with gastritis or indigestion. Go easy while practicing this pose and combine it with your breath; exhaling as you draw your knees into your chest, and inhaling as you allow them to flow away. Practicing this before going to bed is recommended. The breathing pattern and the pressure of your thighs on your torso do the trick in this pose. Staying true to its name, it relieves trapped wind by providing an unblocked supply of fresh air throughout your digestive system and cleansing it.


Yoga is almost synonymous with this particular posture. So much so that even Yoga illiterates would be familiar with this pose. This pose involves bending on all fours in a v-shaped position with your palms and feet firmly planted on the floor, and rear end in the air. This is a pose that is definitely able to improve a person’s digestion while also helping a lot with flexibility and the functioning of many of your other internal organs.

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Yoga Poses For Digestion
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