5 Effective Yoga Poses Treatments For Pimples

5 Effective Yoga Treatments For Pimples

Pimple is a skin condition in which the pores are blocked due to sebum, dead skin and bacteria. They are completely treatable with yoga. Pimples are caused due to various reasons. One of the causes for this condition is toxins in the body. Yoga helps to flush out the toxins from the system. It increases the blood flow thereby getting rid of pimples. Hormonal changes and stress are major factors for pimples. Yoga helps to balance hormones. It relaxes your body and relieves stress.

5 Yoga Poses For Pimples


Stand straight, keep your hand on hips, and breathe in. When you breathe out, slowly bend your hip. Place your hand on the floor beside your foot. Make sure your feet are placed parallel to each other. Extend your torso forward by lifting your tailbone further. Make sure, the fold comes from the hip joint.



To come back to original posture, release your tailbone, and gradually come back to standing position. This increases blood circulation to head, face and neck. It relaxes facial muscles and balances hormones, which have an impact on skin.


Keep your feet apart (three feet).  Raise your arms up parallel to the ground with palms facing downwards. Place your left foot to right direction (45 degrees); turn your right foot in right direction (90 degrees). Align both heels to form a straight line.


Shift your right thigh outwards. Breathe out, twist your body in the right side direction, and stretch the upper body beginning from your waist. 


Kapalabhati (also Kapalbhati) Pranayama – is an intermediate-tp-advanced pranayama from short and powerful passive inhaled exhalations (ka-PAH-lL-BAH-tea-prah NaH-YAH-MAH). This exercise is a traditional practice of internal cleansing or kriya, which invigorates and purifies the airways by stimulating the release of toxins and waste. It acts as a tonic for the system, refreshing and rejuvenate the body and mind.


His name comes from two Sanskrit words:

“Kapala” – that means “skull”

“Bhati” – meaning “light”

Therefore, it is sometimes known as “Skull Breathing Light” or “Breath Skull Brightener”. When practicing you can imagine the skull lining filled with the brightness of the lighting.

Virabhadrasana – Warrior Pose –

Warrior pose for improving blood circulation. Warrior pose stretches the muscles of arms, shoulders, neck, legs, and groin favoring muscle contraction and relaxation. Such tone up muscles encourages circulation. Furthermore, the joints of the legs, the waist and those of spinal cord and neck get curved exactly in opposite direction, regulating the blood circulation in those joints.


Salamba Sarvangasana – Shoulder Stand –

Shoulder stand pose for improving blood circulation. Shoulder stand is a part of Hatha yoga, where all pressure is exerted on the neck, shoulders and back of the head.


As the body remains straight from feet up to shoulder with legs at the 90- degree angle from the floor, blood flows from lower part of the body towards heart for oxygenation. Peculiar shoulder stand position improves supply of fresh blood to the brain, eyes, ears, nose and throat.

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Yoga Poses Treatments For Pimples
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